Press Release: IWC Presents VIPER, The ultimate "last line of defense" data security system

8-Apr-2004, Paz Itzhaki-Weinberger


Itzhaki-Weinberger Consultants (IWC) Ltd., an Israeli data security & technological consulting firm, presented today the "VIPER" data security system.

VIPER gives an entire new level to the term "last line of defense", as it provides enterprise & governmental users with an ultimate original security solution.


Said Paz Itzhaki-Weinberger, Chairman of the board:


"Unlike many other security systems we know on the market today, VIPER does not try to stop the attacker or the attacks.

VIPER was constructed and designed under a concept saying no defense system is 100% safe.

VIPER does not even try to track the attacker or understand the system is under attack.

VIPER does not even Encrypt data or use cryptographic abilities of any kind.

The revolutionary idea behind VIPER is the original thinking – why protect valuables with expensive defense mechanisms while you can transform them into non-valuables while keeping the ability to reverse the process just to yourself?

I won't say more –

All the extra information is written in our firm documentation about VIPER listed in the links below, but the bottom line is:


VIPER is the ultimate solution to protect sensitive or top secret information, to hide it, and to keep it protected even in the worst case scenarios when your information is hijacked by the enemy or the enemy manages to develop physical access or administrative access to your computers.

VIPER is also an ultimate tool to deploy an international, secured communication network and pass confidential information through unsafe mediums (like the internet) without being detected, also passing in and out of secured organizations (Firewalls, IDS, Content filters etc.) easily without raising suspicion"


VIPER Presentation:

VIPER Information Sheet (English):
VIPER Information Sheet (Hebrew):
VIPER EULA (English):
VIPER EULA (Hebrew):

A 3-Year License to VIPER costs approx. 36,000$ US.