House Weinberger

Advocate Paz Itzhaki-Weinberger, Esq.
b. 1980, Israel
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Married to:

Mor N. Lurie-Weinberger

b. 1983, Israel

Parents of:

Abigail Rachel Weinberger
b. 2011, Israel 

Noa Maya Weinberger
b. 2012, Israel

Dr. Lahav Itzhaki-Weinberger
b. 1976, Israel

Married to:

Dr. Etika Witner

b. 1979, Romania


Parents of: 

Idan Naor Weinberger
b. 2013, Israel


Advocate Meital Itzhaki-Toledano
b. 1973, Israel

Married to:

Advocate Eyal Toledano

b. 1975, Israel

Parents of:

Ofir Toledano
b. 2001, Israel

Naama Toledano
b. 2003, Israel

Alma Toledano
b. 2014, Israel

Hanna Itzhaki (of house Weinberger)
b. 1949, Israel
d. 1991, Israel

Yoachim Lazarius (Eliezer, Lazar) Weinberger
b. 1923, Poland
Married to:
Paula (Malka) Weinberger
b. 1927, Romania
d. 2011, Israel

Rachela Shapiro (of house Weinberger)
b. 1921, Poland
d. 1975, Israel
Was married to Benjamin Shapiro (d. 1982, Israel).

Some words about the children's picture:
Standing (wearing hat) is my grandfather - Lazar Weinberger, Below him his sister, Rachela Shapiro.
With the mandolina Perla (pepe) Blumenberg, standing near her is her brother, Eliezer (Lunec) Blumenberg. Perla & Lunec were the children of Leib Blumenberg, and also had 2 other sisters - Haia & Xenia, and 2 uncles - Jonas & Mozes (Moshe). Perla & Lunec's grandfather was called Nathan Blumenberg, and he was married to Feiga (Zipora), who was the sister of Reizel. Reizel is my grandfather's (Lazar's) grandma.

Leopold Weinberger.
b. 1891, Poland
d. 1943, Russia

Married to:

Lady Hanna Weinberger
b. 1894, Poland
d. 1941, Poland

Samuel Markowitz (Weinberger Side)
d. 1939, Romania
Married to:
Rachel Markowitz
d. 1973, Israel

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David Itzhaki
The most decorated & heroic police officer in Israel's history, retired from the police after 41 years of service, 1977.
b. 1915, Poland
d. 1989, Israel

Married to:

Yaffa Itzhaki
b. 1918, Poland
d. 1997, Israel


Family Gathering (Wedding), 1935, Poland

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